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Maggie Scott textiles has been based in London since 1999, but a few years ago Maggie was able to secure a large studio space in the Gard region of France and this is where all the handmade work is now produced.

One room is dominated by a large water proofed worktable where all the felt is made. A second room is lined with shelves with a multitude of coloured yarns and threads on cones, along with several domestic knitting machines, industrial sewing machines, overlockers and embellishers.

A third room houses reference materials samples and the many resource books and Art books collected over the years – a place to draw, to think and to play.

The 2nd floor is dominated by 3 large wall hangings from the Congo, modern versions of the antique appliquéd “Ntshak’ Raffia fabrics of ex-Zaire.


” Travelling so frequently to Africa and working in the presence of these magnificent pieces has had a profound effect on my work….”

In recent collections the recurring geometric shapes have become an intrinsic part of the design. Hand felting the African signs and symbols onto silk chiffon, Maggie has produced a felted fabric of extraordinary lightness which, nevertheless, has a stable and durable structure.

These contemporary, sophisticated and colourful designs often reference an older tribal connection.

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